Choice Terminal™ opens a facility on G&W’s Georgia Southwestern Railroad

Choice Terminal™ opens a facility

Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (G&W) has announced the opening of a Choice Terminal™ bulk transfer facility on its Georgia Southwestern Railroad, Inc. (GSWR) subsidiary in Bainbridge, Georgia, US.

Operated by G&W railroads, Choice Terminal™ transfers bulk materials including agricultural products, aggregates, chemicals and lumber. It transfers the bulk between railcars and trucks, providing customers who are not located directly on a railroad with the opportunity to reduce transportation costs by using rail rather than long-haul trucks.

The terminal is located on a 15 acre site with two tracks accommodating 19 total railcars and offers open-truck access. The 270 mile GSWR provides customers with access to the North American rail network via interchanges with Class I railroads CSX and Norfolk Southern.

Jim Irvin, GSWR president said, “Customers in south-west Georgia, south-east Alabama and the nearby Florida Panhandle can receive inbound, bulk raw materials via rail at the Bainbridge terminal, hold them on site, and have them delivered to their facilities via truck on a just-in-time basis. Likewise, outbound bulk products can be transported to the terminal via truck for loading onto railcars to their final destinations.”

Rick McCaskill, Executive Director of the Development Authority of Bainbridge & Decatur County, Georgia, said, “We appreciate the partnership we have with G&W and their railroad, the GSWR, with the new Choice Terminal™ at Bainbridge. We feel that this transload terminal will help attract new industry to this area and increase the transportation options of current businesses that do not have direct access to rail today.”

Source: Genesee & Wyoming Inc.