Closure of 159 Post Offices allows An Post to invest in remaining network

An Post has published the locations of 159 Post Offices where postmasters have retired under the historic agreement between An Post and the Irish Postmasters’ Union (IPU). Post Offices in locations where postmasters are opting to retire will close and the services will be consolidated with neighbouring offices to ensure their continued viability. 

An Post has said that all remaining Post Offices will benefit from enhanced services and products, new opening hours and an investment package in an attempt to improve services for customers, drive customer footfall and attract a wider demographic.

The newly configured Post Office network will focus on e-commerce by offering out-of-hours collections, returns, tracking and redirection. It will also diversify and grow financial services products for individuals and SMEs combined with a full range of State Savings products. Extending the range of local and central government services, An Post will also focus on becoming One-Stop-Shop for Government Services.

Wherever possible, An Post will also seek to ensure that PostPoint services (such as stamp sales, Bill Payment and Mobile Top-Up) are available from retailers in locations where existing Post Offices are closing.

Debbie Byrne, Managing Director of An Post Retail, commented: “We are committed to ensuring a vibrant network for all our customers through investment and the expansion of e-commerce, financial and government services to drive usage and relevancy of the post office in today’s changing environment.”

Source: An Post