CMA CGM Group makes its 2023 Sustainability Report Available

Every year, CMA CGM Group publishes its Non-financial performance report, which reviews commitments, concrete actions, and progress in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

As a global player in sea, land, air and logistics solution, the CMA CGM Group is actively committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its business sector.  In 2023, the company once again confirmed our commitment to a sustainable growth model that is increasingly respectful of the environment and people.

Recently, CMA CGM Group has been in group as the company has acquired the Bolloré Logistics for €4.85bn. Bolloré Logistics is a transport and logistics company in France, that achieved in 2022 a turnover of €7.1bn, transported 710,000 TEUs of ocean freight and 390,000 tons of air freight, along with a storage capacity of 900,000 sq m.

The sustainable development approach of CMA CGM Group, is based around 3 pillars:

  • Acting for planet, by limiting the carbon footprint of our activities and driving the decarbonization of the transport and logistics industry, while contributing to preserving marine and land biodiversity
  • Acting for people, by providing a safe and inclusive working environment and a continuing education program to all staff members worldwide, as well as encouraging personal involvement in solidarity and environmental projects
  • Acting for fair trade, by cooperating in an exemplary manner with our suppliers and customers and strengthening our commitment to local communities

The year 2023 was characterized by major decisions and significative results

  • Planet: The Group announced new decarbonization ambitions for its shipping activities (-30% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and -80% by 2040) and a reduction of 1m ton of CO2 in 2023 vs 2022.
  • People: We-Women Empowerment was launched to accelerate the professional development of women within the Group and promote their leadership, My Climate School project, to educate all employees about the causes and consequences of global warming and the involvement of 19 000 employees in solidarity and environment projects.
  • Fair Trade: 90% of employees received mandatory training on ethics and compliance issues, 744 actions in favor of communities and the preservation of the environment were conducted, in all its locations.

The Group’s commitment was also awarded by trusted third-party

  • The CMA CGM Group has been awarded the A- score by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in its 2023 climate index. This distinction highlights the significant progress made by the Group in the decarbonization of its shipping activities.
  • In 2023, CMA CGM receives the “Label Relations Fournisseurs & Achats Responsables” recognizing French companies which have demonstrated sustainable and balanced relationships with their suppliers.

Source: CMA CGM