DACHSER plans on zero-emission delivery areas in ten more cities

dachser mega trailers
Under the DACHSER Emission-Free Delivery concept for city-center deliveries, twelve zero-local-emission city-center delivery areas have been developed for non-chilled goods in the DACHSER network, further growth is planned: at least ten more major European cities are set to follow by 2025.
“DACHSER Emission-Free Delivery proves that we can make groupage deliveries for the last mile emission-free. What started as a research project is now an established part of our business operations, lighting the path to more sustainable city logistics,” says Stefan Hohm, Chief Development Officer (CDO) at DACHSER.

So far, emission-free delivery of non-chilled parcel and groupage shipments has been rolled out in defined delivery areas in Berlin, Freiburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Dortmund, Copenhagen, Oslo, Prague, Strasbourg, Paris, Madrid, and Porto. These feature a variety of zero-emission vehicles, including battery-electric vans and trucks as well as electrically assisted cargo bikes, which are selected from a modular system to meet local requirements. The bikes are specially designed for groupage and palleted goods weighing up to 250 kilograms. They start their tour at a transit terminal close to the city center—known as a microhub—and carry goods into busy pedestrian zones. The e-trucks in turn supply the micro-hubs with goods or, for parcels and pallets that are too large or too heavy for bike transport, deliver the goods directly to recipients.

When it comes to rolling out the city logistics concept, the availability of zero-emission vehicles and the associated charging infrastructure is a critical factor. “Since vehicle manufacturers have now ramped up their production capacity, we expect electric trucks to be more readily available in the future. That’s why we’re planning rollouts in at least ten more cities by 2025, in line with the wishes of many of our customers,” says Alexander Tonn, Chief Operations Officer Road Logistics at DACHSER.

The main focus is on major European cities with populations of at least one million where DACHSER’s European Logistics business line already has a branch.

DACHSER’s city centre deliveries with zero local emissions help city administrations intends to improve air quality and reduce traffic noise. Because the battery-electric trucks and cargo bikes emit no air pollutants, they play a major part in keeping the air clean.