DACHSER Launches Cross-Border Electric Truck Operations

dachser mega trailers

DACHSER is introducing a fully electric truck for cross-border journeys for the first time. A Mercedes-Benz eActros is now making regular trips five times a week from the Hof logistics center to the branch in Kladno near Prague, covering about 200 kilometers each way.

After successful test phases in February and May 2023, the electric truck is now in regular operation for cross-border connections. The service partner Flytt Logistic GmbH accompanies the eActros on its journey. The truck operates in two shifts: during the day, it handles regional distribution in the Hof area, and at night, it runs on the cross-border route between Germany and the Czech Republic. The eActros 300, with an average range of up to 300 kilometers depending on factors like terrain and weight, gets charged at fixed points and directly at the DACHSER branch in Kladno. The emission-free vehicle takes slightly over an hour to charge.

Klaus Neubing, General Manager at DACHSER in Hof, highlights the insights gained from the eActros tests regarding its feasibility for long-distance travel. He expresses satisfaction in establishing the first cross-border line in DACHSER’s European network for all-electric transport, emphasizing the collaborative effort with their long-standing service partner, Flytt Logistic GmbH. Neubing underscores the value of venturing into new avenues for progress.