DACHSER’s Brummer Acquisition Boosts Food Logistics


Dachser acquires Brummer, a key partner in the European Food Network for transporting temperature-controlled food between Germany, Austria, and nearby nations. DACHSER is strengthening its network for food transport and storage across Europe with this acquisition.

“Brummer has long been a leader in food logistics in Austria and southern Germany. Joining DACHSER’s European network opens up more avenues for growth. This strengthens our position in the market and offers our customers new options for cross-border food groupage transports and contract logistics services. It also provides stability for our staff,” say Hans Brummer and Simone Brummer-Leebmann, joint managing directors and owners of Brummer prior to the takeover.

“In acquiring Brummer, we’re adding a company known for its quality leadership. This, along with our recent acquisitions, reinforces our position as one of Europe’s leading food logistics companies,” says Burkhard Eling, DACHSER CEO.

For DACHSER, acquiring Brummer might be a significant step in expanding its distribution capacity for high-quality services in the German-Austrian food market. “Both Brummer locations—Neuburg am Inn and St. Marienkirchen—are strategically located near the border which is ideal for load consolidation and optimising driving times,” explains Alexander Tonn, COO Road Logistics and Managing Director of DACHSER Food Logistics.

Brummer handles over 715,000 cross-border shipments annually across all temperature ranges. Upon completion of the purchase, Brummer will be fully integrated into the DACHSER Food Logistics network. Max Reih and his management team will continue to oversee Brummer’s operational business, reporting to Alexander Tonn and Stefan Behrendt, Deputy Managing Director of DACHSER Food Logistics.

“DACHSER and Brummer have built a collaborative partnership based on mutual trust and confidence,” says Tonn. “Reliability and quality are paramount for Brummer, aligning with our values as a family-owned company. Their skilled and motivated employees ensure continuity and future growth in the region.”


Source: Dachser