Daher and Siemens partner on wind farm project in Africa

DAHER have taken responsibility for organizing and managing the transport and logistics for electrical substation equipment built by Siemens as part of the Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) project.

DAHER will transport equipment from Europe, Turkey, Tunisia, India and China to the Loiyangalani site near Lake Turkana, managing the sea freight, storage, transport and delivery of the equipment.

DAHER has worked with Siemens supporting the LTWP project since 2015. The relationship has seen DAHER transport of electrical equipment from the manufacturing plants to the construction site, including 10 transformers each weighing 55 metric tons.
It is reported that the wind farm will have a capacity of 310 MW by the summer of 2017 and that there will be 365 wind turbines installed on the 40,000 ha site.

Source: DAHER