Daimler Truck chooses DB Schenker to operate new warehouse in Melbourne

Daimler Truck has selected DB Schenker to operate its new 19,000 sq m warehouse in Melbourne, encompassing more than 40,000 SKUs for truck and bus parts. The new warehouse, located about 23km from the Melbourne CBD and 20km from Tullamarine Airport, has been designed to strengthen Daimler Truck’s ability to supply stock and parts across Australia and New Zealand, and stocks everything from small washers to full truck cabs.

“This warehouse is the first Daimler Truck operation in the world to stock parts for three different truck brands all under the one roof,” says Craig Davison, CEO, DB Schenker Australia and New Zealand Cluster.

“Daimler Truck Australia Pacific offers a vast range of class-leading vehicles covering every segment of the Australian road freight industry with its Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner and Fuso trucks, as well as Fuso buses.

“We were delighted to build on our long-term and productive relationship with Daimler Truck with the contract to operate this new warehouse,” he adds.

The warehouse has more than 50,000 individual locations, including a 4,000 sq m mezzanine level, and customised racking to store large truck cabs. A super awning approximately 3,400 sq m was constructed so that parts could be loaded and unloaded in full protection from the weather. The warehouse itself has a high clearance section, with additional pallet storage above 10m in height.

The building has a five star Green Star rating, and includes EV charging stations that staff can use, a focus on recycling, and LED lighting with motion control throughout the facility. The focus on sustainability aligns with DB Schenker’s global commitment towards a future of cleaner logistics.

In addition to operating the warehouse, DB Schenker also handles the leasing of the premises in Melbourne’s West.

We worked with Daimler Truck to find a solution that suited their needs now, and into the future. The site typically has more than 50 employees on-site on any given day, with more during peak demand periods,” said Davison.

“There’s flexibility built into the warehouse operations, because we know needs can change. Daimler Truck is dedicated to minimising the time that its customers’ trucks and buses are ‘off road’ – and this warehouse will help supply spare parts more efficiently to get vehicles back on the road swiftly,” he added.

Daimler Truck Australia Pacific President and CEO, Daniel Whitehead, says the introduction of the new warehouse represents a big step forward for the company. “This new dedicated truck and bus parts warehouse is at the centre of our commitment to our customers across Australia. I would like to thank DB Schenker for working with us to introduce this sustainable state-of-the-art facility that will allow us to better serve our customers and meet their specific needs.”

Source: DB Schenker