Damco expands ‘Hub-in-Transit’ programme

Damco has expanded its Hub-in-Transit programme by establishing new hubs in United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Morocco. Damco’s Hub-in-Transit allows companies to postpone decisions on final delivery date and final destination, by using container trans-shipment hubs as decoupling points in the supply chain.

The service is especially of interest to companies with limited on-site storage capacity where production operations are large-scale, continuous processes. Those companies may be forced to ship their products based on assumptions about the best place and time of delivery. Hub-in-Transit enables businesses to make full use of carrier free-time by using transhipment hubs as virtual warehouses for goods.

Anthony Elwine, Damco’s Global Head of Chemical & Industrial, stated, “We have now developed three additional hub locations to help [our customers] serve even more markets, and reap similar benefits. Chemical sector clients have been early users of the programme, but the service is also suitable for other products, such as steels and textiles, or FMCG/CPG.”

Source: Damco