DB Schenker integrates what3words technology to improve delivery accuracy

DB Schenker has introduced new location technology in its eSchenker portal. The technology, developed by what3words, assigns every three by three-meter square covering the world, with a three word address.

In a recent study, conducted in Germany, 73% of deliveries struggle to find a home address with over 25% of drivers needing additional information.

DB Schenker hopes that the technology will improve efficiencies as more accurate and precise delivery locations can be made. A difficulty for logistics companies, like DB Schenker, is the ambiguity of delivery locations, especially when just a street address is given. A factory or warehouse may have several different entry and access points making the pick-up or drop-off point difficult to find, and as a result, deliveries are slowed. The new technology looks to improve this by giving a precise three-square metre location anywhere in the world.

The United Nations, Mercedes-Benz, Domino’s and Aramex are some of the companies already employing the technology. Aramex uses the system for e-commerce fulfilment operations and to optimise its last mile delivery in the Middle East. Aramex claims, that by using the technology, it has improved last-mile delivery time by 42% and total distance travelled by drivers by 22%.

Markus Sontheimer, CIO/CDO of DB Schenker, commented on the new technology: “Our cooperation with what3words is another new service of DB Schenker’s connect strategy towards a fully digital eco-system. Especially with regard to trade shows or exhibitions, it provides our drivers with exact delivery points and thus allows us to serve our customers even faster and better.”

Source: DB Schenker