Delamode joins United Shipping Network

Delamode has announced that it is joining the United Shipping Network. Initially joining the United Shipping Network will be Delamode’s offices in Bulgaria, Latvia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova and Serbia. United Shipping Inc is represented in 85 countries with 430 offices around the world. The network uses technology to provide importers and exporters with global reach along with the expertise of local, independent brokers.

Shaun Godfrey, COO Freight Forwarding for Xpediator Plc, commented, “The introduction and opportunity to join the United Shipping network came through Anglia Forwarding Ltd, having worked successfully for many years within the United Shipping network and who recently joined the Xpediator Plc Group. As such, we are excited and positive that our Delamode colleagues will be able to support the United Shipping network with similar services within Eastern Europe, a significant growth area and presenting lots of commercial opportunities for United Shipping network members. We are very proud that these Delamode offices will be joining such an established worldwide network and benefiting from the advantages of becoming part of a multinational logistics cooperation.”  

Source: Delamode