DHL eCommerce launches fulfilment centre in Sydney

DHL eCommerce has announced the launch of its Fulfilment Centre in Sydney, Australia to support demand for overseas goods amongst Australia’s online shoppers. International brands and retailers are now able to reach out to the rapidly growing Australia market.

“Australian shoppers are the second-most likely in the world to buy online from overseas merchants, and the significance of their purchasing power will only increase as cross-border e-commerce grows at an average of 29% per year until 2020,” said Damien Sheehan, Managing Director Australia, DHL eCommerce. “Online retailers need to overcome the traditional problems associated with overseas expansion – finding new suppliers in each market, delivering shipments within days not weeks, and keeping costs in check – if they want to stay competitive in this borderless future.”

“The launch of our Australian fulfilment centre gives our customers immediate access to one of the world’s most mature and fastest growing e-commerce markets, with the scalability and quality needed to reach Australia’s highly savvy online shoppers.”

The fulfilment centre will provide overseas merchants with shipping that integrates inbound freight, inventory, and last mile delivery in a single consolidated service. The centre also operates using the same service level agreements, management platforms, and customer support as all other parts of DHL eCommerce’s global fulfilment network, allowing existing customers to expand their sales into Australia with minimal onboarding time and hassle.

“E-commerce has gone borderless, and order fulfilment needs to do the same,” says Charles Brewer, CEO DHL eCommerce. “Our Australian facility adds another node to our standardized global network of fulfilment centres located in US, Mexico, India, Hong Kong and Central Europe, eliminating the need for e-commerce merchants to hunt for new logistics partners as they look to expand their global reach.”

The centre’s design accommodates front-end integration with several marketplace and web-shop platforms, as well as multichannel order management and last-mile solutions for immediate and highly-accurate deliveries across Australia. All of the centre’s services operate on a pay-per-use model with no capital spend or fixed costs.

“The value of Australian e-commerce sales is expected to grow by nearly 50% between now and 2020, making cost-effectiveness and scalability the critical issues for online retailers in the country,” said Malcolm Monteiro, CEO Asia Pacific, DHL eCommerce. “Whether it’s extending into new channels, offering more delivery options, or simply increasing inventory and warehouse capacity, global brands need fulfilment solutions that can adapt to their needs without requiring hands-on intervention every time a change occurs.”

“Global e-tailers can access our latest fulfilment centre for simplified nationwide inventory and last-mile delivery and also as part of a rapid and painless global expansion.”

Source: DP DHL Group