DHL Express announces average general price increase in Germany

DHL Express has announced that its annual general rate increase in Germany for 2017 will be 3.9%, effective from January 1.

The DHL Express products offered for private customers via post office branches in Germany remain unaffected by the price increase.

Wolfgang P. Albeck, the Country Manager of DHL Express Germany commented: “In 2016, we announced a broad array of investments in our network, systems and people, committing more than €800m in capital expenditure during the year. Landmark investments include a €66m gateway in Tokyo, Japan, the launch of new automated sorts at our hubs in Cincinnati, US, Singapore and Leipzig, Germany, and the pioneering introduction of more efficient A330-300 cargo aircraft in our European air fleet. In 2017, we will maintain this rate of investment and continue to leverage our network to make our customers successful in their international trade activities.”

A DHL press release summarised the reasoning behind the price increases as follows, “DHL Express adjusts its prices annually, taking into account inflation, currency dynamics and other rising costs, such as expenses related to compliance with enhanced security regulations, in each of the more than 220 countries and territories that it serves. Price adjustments will vary from country to country, depending on local conditions.”

Source: Deutsche Post DHL Group