DHL launches Freight Quotation Tool

DHL Freight has announced the launch of its new Freight Quotation Tool. The online service allows customers to receive price quotes and transit times for their road freight shipments of up to 2,500kg. The service is aimed at small to mid-sized businesses and is also available to non-DHL customers. German and Swedish users can receive quotes on domestic road freight services as well. The DHL Freight Quotation Tool is available in 28 countries in local language Europe-wide.

“The Freight Quotation Tool is a further step in our effort to continuously improve the accessibility and transparency of our road freight services through easy digital solutions. At the same time, the tool also marks another important milestone in our digital journey along our Freight 2020 strategy to become the undisputed market and quality leader in the road freight business,” says Uwe Brinks, CEO DHL Freight. 

In two steps, user can get a quick instant freight price quote from DHL. The user first enters the area codes of the shipment’s origin and destination. After adding the size, number of pieces and weight to be shipped the user instantly receives a price quote and transit time estimate.

DHL then shows options for its LTL standard service EuroConnect and Eurapid, the LTL premium product, offering priority treatment of shipments and shorter delivery times. At this point, after receiving all relevant cost information on the shipments and its insurance have already been provided, contact details required to actually commission the shipment. The request is automatically submitted to customer service, whose representatives will contact the customer to finalize the shipment.

Source: DHL