DHL launches new ACE-compliant US Customs brokerage system

DHL Global Forwarding announced the launch of its new internal US Customs brokerage management system which is expected to be available across all of the company’s US Customs brokerage offices. According to the announcement, the system has been designed to function within the US Customs and Border Protection’s new Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).

DHL Global Forwarding announced that the IT system, created in collaboration with Kewill, has been ACE-certified and is fully integrated with the company’s current Document Management System and Inland Transportation Management System, and is also expected to feed information to DHL’s future Unified Reporting System, as well as new Client Portal, due to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Jim Miller, senior director for Customs Brokerage at DHL Global Forwarding, US, said, “With all the Customs changes taking place in the US, we think this new system will be a big benefit to our customers, working flawlessly with ACE to provide them a more expedited service for all their Customs filings.” Adding, “The Kewill developed system has a graphical user interface, enhanced electronic data interchange loading capability and an integrated work management feature to help increase productivity and ultimately allow DHL to better serve our customers.”

The system is expected to be supported by an internal and external Kewill IT team. The system’s critical data is also expected to be hosted in DHL’s secure data centre.

According to the announcement, the Customs system is available at all DHL US Customs processing facilities. DHL is one of the first freight forwarding companies to launch a Customs brokerage system that is compatible and fully compliant with all ACE requirements.

Source: DHL Global Forwarding