DHL Supply Chain introduces control tower to support delivery across Japan

DHL Supply Chain has announced its new transportation control tower solution to fulfil delivery needs across Japan. The solution is customizable based on customers’ requirements, covering road, air and rail, as well as various service types such as same-day or next-day delivery, temperature controlled and high-security requirements. 

The transportation control tower, built and operated by DHL Supply Chain, is staffed by 20 analysts, planners and back-end operations officers. It is a cross-functional service centre that oversees receipt of customer orders, consolidates and optimizes loads, along with performing administrative tasks such as billing and payment, reporting and customer service. 

The control tower is enabled by DHL’s ConnectedTransport, an integrated transport technology suite featuring a Transportation Management System (TMS), optimization software, GPS and links to vehicle telematics. In addition, ConnectedView provides online visibility of order status. ConnectedResilience, a full disaster recovery service, is also integrated to minimize risks of service disruptions caused by system outages. 

Gavin Murdoch, President and Representative Director, DHL Supply Chain Japan, said, “DHL’s transportation solution is a timely offering to the local market as Japan’s transportation landscape is transforming with the growth of e-commerce. Our customers are faced with increasingly diverse transportation needs, and the demand for a personalized transportation solution has heightened in recent years.”

Source: DHL Supply Chain