Chemical company Dow launches new generation of high-bonding adhesive for EV batteries

Chemical company Dow has announced that it is launching a new thermal, elastic, high-bonding adhesive solution which will improve safety, sustainability and integrated assembly and overall performance of EV battery packs. 

  • The higher and more stable bond strength increases driving safety.
  • The reduced battery weight and enhanced life, as well as the bio-based materials, contribute to the green development of electric vehicles
  • More integrated assembly improves production efficiency. 

This breakthrough innovation comes through Dow’s MobilityScience™ which creates innovative solutions for the transportation industry.

The innovative VORATRON™ MA 8200S high-bonding adhesives are being released primarily for bonding cells with insulating bottom shells, upper cover plates and side plate stiffeners, including electrified E2 platform cells’ bottom high-bonding adhesives, upper cover high-bonding adhesives, and side panel high-bonding adhesives. 

Source: Dow