DPD Estonia parcel locker network to grow to 300 by end of year

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DPD Estonia has announced that its parcel locker network will grow to 300 by the end of the year. Remo Kirss, CEO of DPD Estoni, commented: “DPD Estonia and its parcel lockers are expanding to areas of greatest demand for the service. Of the 40 new locations, 12 are smaller settlements like Roosna-Alliku, Käru, Harju-Risti, Rummu and Luige, which currently have no parcel lockers. At the same time, it is home to people that are even more dependant on online shopping than city dwellers, as physical shops are practically non-existent.”

The company announced that the first new locations where the parcel lockers will begin to be installed already in August, are the Rakvere Lilleoru Aldar supermarket, Torma Konsum, Luige Business Centre and the Kuressaare WOW Centre. In addition to the 40 new parcel lockers in Estonia, DPD Estonia is also installing new ones in Latvia and Lithuania. As a result of the network expansion, the Baltic States will have a total of 931 DPD parcel lockers. 

According to the most recent e-commerce survey by Geopost, 83% of the Estonian population prefers parcel lockers as a means to receive their parcels, whereas the European average is just 20%.

“Since parcel lockers are Estonians’ first preference, we have made it our mission to come as close to people as possible. While DPD parcel lockers are located within 2 km of 79% of Estonia’s population, the percentage will grow with the network expansion even more. This means that more than three quarters of Estonia’s population could access parcel lockers on foot, by bicycle or public transport, thus making more environmentally conscious choices,” says Kirss.

He added that the environmental impact will be lessened even more owing to a growing number of parcels getting to lockers via low emission vehicles.

The network comprises over 81 000 parcel lockers and points over Europe

Geopost’s network comprises over 81 000 parcel lockers and points all over Europe, making it Europe’s largest.

“This wide-spread parcel locker network is an important advantage for both local and foreign companies, who can expand their business across the whole Europe,” states Kirss. He added that the leading position on the market enables smoother implementations of changes and adaptation of services according to market expectations: “While the consumers in the Baltic States and Poland prefer parcel lockers, then ones in France and Belgium are more partial to parcel shops, which are not common in Estonia at all. Knowledge of the other markets’ preferences enable us to offer both enterprises and private persons exactly the type of complete solutions that correspond to the needs and desires of local e-shoppers.”

Source: DPD