DPD Germany acquires last remaining founding partner DPD Zeitfracht


The existing majority shareholder in DPD, GeoPost, is taking over the last remaining franchisee, DPD Zeitfracht. With the acquisition of the last remaining minority shareholder, all shares in DPD are now under single ownership. The contracts for the purchase of the shareholding have been signed by representatives of DPD GeoPost and DPD Zeitfracht and the takeover is to be completed by 1 November 2016, subject to the approval of Germany’s competition authorities. 

The Zeitfracht group formerly held 6.21% of the shares in DPD. In the course of the acquisition, two DPD depots in Berlin and one in Raunheim, which serves the Frankfurt conurbation in Hesse, will be taken over. The 470 Zeitfracht employees and all of its locations will be retained, and business relations with all customers and system partners will also be continued without interruption. 

After acquiring most of the shareholding partners in the company, GeoPost has been the majority shareholder in DPD since 2001. In March 2015 it acquired DPD Systemlogistik, one of the company’s remaining minority shareholders with seven locations in southern Germany and Saxony. Following that, on 1 September 2015, GeoPost also acquired DPD Altentreptow, which up to that point had served large parts of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with one depot.

Accordingly, this left DPD Zeitfracht as the only founding member which still owned a shareholding in DPD. This latest take-over means that all 76 DPD locations in Germany are now owned by GeoPost.

Source: DPD Group