DPDgroup and Groupe Renault lay the groundwork for the future of last mile delivery


DPDgroup (DPD) has created new delivery scenarios with the autonomous concept car EZ-PRO revealed by Groupe Renault in Hannover. The booming e-commerce industry has led to rapid growth in the last mile delivery market with UK e-shoppers making 82 online purchases per year. To respond to this growth, in combination with increasing pressures from the government to reduce pollution and congestion, DPD have partnered with Groupe Renault.

Creating a new delivery scenario, the autonomous vehicle will be loaded at a DPD sorting centre on the outskirts of the city and then travel on its own to a given meeting point in the city centre. There, the driver takes charge of the vehicle without having to collect it beforehand allowing more time to be dedicated towards the deliveries.

The concept car Renault EZ-PRO is used as a mobile locker that will allow DPD to schedule delivery points and send notifications to end consignees, who will be able to collect or return their parcel by themselves from a given location. The concept car also allows end-consignees to define a place and time frame for delivery.

Thomas Steverding, Senior Group Manager Process & Development at DPD in Germany, who is in charge of the autonomous vehicles innovation program within DPD, commented: “This project gives us the ability to imagine how optimised last mile deliveries can shape tomorrow’s urban life, through the implementation of greener and closer solutions. DPD is thrilled to share this vision with a key automotive player like Renault.”

Source: DPDgroup