Emilia Górska-Mytyk: New Director at Kuehne+Nagel Poland


Kuehne+Nagel Poland has appointed Emilia Górska-Mytyk as its new Managing Director, succeeding Wojciech Sienicki upon his retirement. Górska-Mytyk, a Polish national born in 1980, commenced her role at the beginning of February 2024, taking charge of overseeing the company’s operations and leading a team of 1,700 logistics professionals.

With a career spanning over 20 years in logistics, Górska-Mytyk joined Kuehne+Nagel in 2016 as Head of Business Development, subsequently advancing to the position of Sales & Marketing Director in 2017. Her experience includes managing teams in multinational logistics firms, where she was instrumental in establishing operational frameworks and devising sales strategies. Her notable achievements within Kuehne+Nagel paved the way for her swift ascent within the Polish division.

Expressing her enthusiasm for her new role, Górska-Mytyk emphasised the importance of aligning operations with the company’s Roadmap 2026 strategy, which prioritises fostering a value-driven organisational culture and providing a supportive work environment for staff development while ensuring top-tier service quality and sustainable practices.

Wojciech Sienicki, endorsing Górska-Mytyk’s appointment, lauded her leadership skills and adaptability, affirming confidence in her ability to uphold Kuehne+Nagel Poland’s commitment to delivering innovative and professional services to customers, while also highlighting the company’s dedication to promoting diversity in the business landscape.


Source: Kuehne+Nagel