Expeditors develops sensor-based logistics solutions

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Expeditors has introduced its next generation of sensor-based logistics services.

Previously only available on shipments moved by Expeditors, this technology will now be offered on shipments moved by Expeditors as well as other carriers. The services work through a cloud-based operating system which will offer control and visibility across air, ocean and ground transportation providers.

Cargo Signal Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Expeditors, will be dedicated to providing the sensor-based solutions.

Jeffrey S. Musser, President and Chief Executive Officer for Expeditors, commented: “The development of Cargo Signal is a great example of how we innovate through understanding and responding to industry needs. Three years ago we were hearing from customers who were frustrated with third-party security and tech start-ups that did not understand complex global supply chains. In response, we were the first non-asset based global logistics provider to launch an integrated, sensor-based offering for high-risk shipments tied to global transportation services. More recently, these customers began asking us to provide sensor-based services not only on the shipments we managed for them but also on shipments managed by other carriers and logistics providers. In response to their needs, we have now launched Cargo Signal.” 

Cargo Signal operates a 24x7x365 global command centre staffed with professionals trained in risk management, logistics and supply chain security. 

Source: Expeditors