FedEx introduces global e-commerce solutions under FedEx CrossBorder

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FedEx Trade Networks has announced the re-launch of Bongo International as FedEx CrossBorder.

FedEx CrossBorder, a subsidiary of FedEx Trade Networks, is expected to offer e-commerce technology solutions that enable e-tailers to navigate common cross-border selling challenges such as regulatory compliance, secure payment processing, multi-currency pricing, or credit card fraud protection as well as access to e-commerce shoppers around the globe.

James R. Muhs, president and CEO, FedEx Trade Networks, said of the announcement, “Customers are looking for ways to tap into e-commerce markets internationally, and FedEx CrossBorder helps provide that access.” He added, “FedEx CrossBorder expands the FedEx portfolio and provides e-tailers with opportunities to ship locally and grow internationally.  E-tailers ship their orders to one of our domestic locations, and FedEx CrossBorder gets the orders to the customers’ international destinations.”

It is expected that FedEx CrossBorder e-commerce solutions can be implemented within a business’ existing website and shopping cart platform for a secure and integrated checkout experience that allows e-tailers to maintain their brand identity and customer experience.

Source: FedEx