FedEx opens 7,000 sq m depot in Poland

FedEx reusable packaging

FedEx Express has commenced operations at its new 7,000 sq m facility in Chorzow, Poland.

The new station has nine linehaul ramps, 15 linehaul parking spaces and 22 dock levellers.

Given its location at Prologis Park Chorzow logistics centre, near the two biggest international road corridors in Poland, the efficiency of both domestic and international shipments will improve.

A sorting sub-centre is also being launched at the new facility, handling parcels arriving from southern Poland and from around Wrocław and Poznań. The new parcel sorting system will result in further efficiency improvements.

Mariuz Mik, Managing Director of Poland Operations at FedEx Express, commented: “We are committed to continuous improvement of the quality of our services and we believe combining FedEx locations in Katowice and Kędzierzyn-Koźle, the teams, their experience and capabilities, will boost operational capacity and increase customer service standards.”

Source: FedEx