Flexport opens its 12th global site in Seattle

Flexport new warehouse Vietnam

Flexport has opened a new location in Seattle which marks the company’s sixth office in the USA and 12th global site, including international offices and warehouses.

According to Flexport’s CEO Ryan Petersen, the new location will improve Flexport’s service to the company’s Pacific Northwest and Canadian clients because of Seattle’s logistics history.

Outside of California, the state of Washington offers the largest source of TransPacific Eastbound (TPEB) volume in the northwest market. According to Petersen, its proximity to other shipping hubs like Oregon and British Columbia, will contribute to Flexport’s growth as a shipper from Asia to the USA.

Seattle will be the first Flexport’s office in the Pacific Northwest and will be led by Kevin Keough, General Manager, and Anders Schulze, Vice President and General Manager of Northwest. Together, Keough and Schulze have more than 20 years of industry experience and five years in leadership roles at Flexport.

Schulze spent ten years at Maersk in operations and revenue roles before joining the San Francisco Flexport headquarters, where he was managing accounts and operations.

Keough joined Flexport as an early Operations Manager. Previously, he had been working in operations at Hanjin and APL, in terminal operations at Ports America and in inventory management at Gap.

Source: Flexport