Flying Tiger Copenhagen will transport all Maersk ocean cargo with ECO Delivery Ocean

Maersk welcomes Flying Tiger Copenhagen as another customer that will transport its entire ocean freight transport volume under Maersk care with the ECO Delivery solution from 2024 onwards to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions from ocean logistics.

With ECO Delivery, Maersk customers can handle ocean transports completely with certified green fuels* like second generation biofuel based on waste feedstocks. These fuels are replacing conventional fossil fuels on container ships in Maersk’s fleet. The corresponding GHG emission savings are confirmed to the customers with a certificate. The emissions of these seaborne transports are being reduced by over 80% on a lifecycle basis compared to the usage of conventional fossil fuels.

This is in line to Maersk’s strategy to enhance its sea freight capabilities with sustainability keeping in mind. The company has recently done many sustainability initiatives recently. In September 2023, Maersk partnered with CMA CGM to accelerate decarbonization of the shipping industry.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen and Maersk have a close, long-standing partnership in logistics. Founded in 1995, the successful Danish chain is offering all sorts of living products and accessories in more than 900 stores across 27 countries as well as an international online shop, and is pursuing a growth strategy with further target markets to be opened up in the future. Maersk supports the company on this global growth path by operating the entire supply chain management for Flying Tiger Copenhagen, including customs services, inland transport, warehousing and the end consumer fulfillment of e-commerce.

“It’s great to see retail companies like Flying Tiger Copenhagen being among the pioneers and largest users of our ECO Delivery Ocean solution to reduce their greenhouse gas footprint from their logistics activities, and it’s an even greater pleasure to see such a close partner as Flying Tiger Copenhagen joining the growing group of Maersk customers transporting 100% of their ocean cargo with Maersk under ECO Delivery.” says Stig Kirkegaard, Nordic Area Head of Sales at Maersk.

ECO Delivery Ocean transports will be exempted by Maersk from EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) charges. Furthermore, customers benefit from fixed prices for the green fuels. ECO Delivery will also become available for airfreight cargo as well as landside transports in certain areas.

* Maersk defines ’green fuels’ as fuels with low (65-80%) to very low (80-95%) GHG emissions over their life cycle compared to fossil fuels. Maersk green fuels and its supply chain are verified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC). The methodology for accounting emissions is based on GLEC V2 (Global Logistics Emission Council) and is certified by Smart Freight Center. We ensure auto-generated performance tracking of Maersk ECO Delivery shipments. Maersk ECO Delivery CO2e saving certificates will be issued. The method is assured by PwC in accordance with the International Standard of Assurance Engagements 3410 (ISAE 3410 – Assurance Engagements on Greenhouse Gas Statements), showing CO₂e savings for the scope of the Maersk ECO Delivery agreement.

Source: Maersk