FM Logistic announces financial results for FY2018


FM Logistic has reported revenue increases of 9.5% to €1.18bn for 2018. This was primarily caused by the strong growth in volumes in France and Central Europe. However, operating income for 2018 decreased by 4.8% to €31.4m mainly due to heavy investments in IT tools and new warehouse spaces in France and India.

The Group’s activities are mainly shared between France (38% of sales), Central Europe (26% of sales) and Eastern Europe (21% of sales).

FM Logistic was relatively aggressive in the French market in 2017-2018. The year ended with a 10% growth in sales, generating total revenue of €445m. 

In Central Europe, FM Logistic’s revenue increased by 10% year-on-year, with transport activity up 6.8% and logistics activity up 11.6%. The growth was primarily caused by the signing of new contracts with Nestle and Metro.

In Romania, FM Logistic increased its market share considerably, with revenues up 7% in 2017. This result was achieved through the ongoing cooperation with large customers and the launch of new business activities. The expansion of the existing sites and the relocation of the Bucharest site led to higher growth in warehousing business (45% of overall revenue) and a constant increase in transport (47%) and co-packing (8%).

Source: FM Logistic