FM Logistic to utilise eco-friendly vehicles for Carrefour in Milan

FM Logistic

FM Logistic has signed a new contract with Carrefour to distribute its goods to stores within Milan’s city centre. The contract will be fulfilled by Citylogin, FM Logistic’s sustainable last mile project.

Since February, laws have been in place to restrict access to Milan’s city centre for certain vehicle types based on emissions. FM Logistic have therefore been carrying out deliveries to Carrefour stores in the centre of Milan with hybrid trucks through its joint venture, Citylogin.

Ugo Lemorini, Managing Director of FM Italy said: “The agreement we have reached with Carrefour, which we hope to see also develop in the city of Rome, is a key point of the sustainable logistics project we are running with Citylogin.”

Citylogin was developed through a partnership with logistics firm Mag.di. It utilises hybrid and electric trucks that reduce pollution within city centres. FM Logistic say the trucks will save 2.9 tonnes of CO2 per truck. The trucks are a micrologistic solution, whereby clients can manage smaller stocks and order goods via an online portal as well as being able to book van sharing services. FM Logistic say if the contract with Carrefour is successful, the project will be extended with the introduction of further trucks.

Source: FM Logistic