Forto launches sustainability product, Insetting Light

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Forto has announced the launch of Insetting Light, a low-priced, entry-level sustainability product that leverages the use of alternative fuels – biofuel and sustainable aviation fuel – and renewable energy sources to reduce shipment emissions. Insetting Light helps Forto’s customers minimize the climate impact of their transport activities without changes to their operations and at a fraction of the cost of complete emission reduction. Insetting Light is available for all products – sea, air, and rail – for all lanes and includes pre- and on- carriage.

Alternative fuels and energy sources for all transports

Insetting Light achieves a reduction of emissions utilizing biofuels or renewable electricity instead of traditional fossil fuels or fossil fuel-based energy sources. This reduction applies to the main freight leg and to the related pre- and on- carriage transport, using mode specific insetting solutions based on the market’s established book-and-claim principle. The product offers an emission reduction of 5% for ocean, 2% for air, and 50% for rail transports and includes a share of Forto’s Ocean Plastic Prevention Product. 

An easy and cost-effective way to reduce emissions 

Insetting Light is an easy and cost-effective solution to make emission reduction accessible to every customer. At a comparable price point to offsetting and without changing their existing logistic operations, Forto’s customers can now actively reduce their emissions within the logistics sector, instead of compensating afterward. 

As a company with Science Based Target Initiative approved targets, Forto recognizes its responsibility to encourage its customers to reduce its emissions, thereby contributing to the upscaling of sustainable fuels and renewable energy sources. Forto’s Insetting Light program contributes to the Paris Agreement’s objective to limit global warming to 1.5°C and supports the transportation industry’s ambitious goal to reduce sea freight emissions by 40% by the year 2030.

“With Insetting Light, reducing emissions has become effortless and affordable for all transport modes. We are convinced that collective action can deliver substantial environmental progress, especially in an industry that is responsible for about 8% of global CO2e emissions” said Achim Juechter, Director of Sustainability at Forto. 

“Insetting Light is a convenient way for us to improve the sustainability of our logistics operations. We are proud to be reducing the emissions produced by the transport of our truck tires from Asia to Europe, and to be contributing to cleaner oceans with Forto’s Ocean Plastic Prevention“, said Robin Brucke, Head of Product Group Management Commercial at Interpneu.

Source: Forto