Forto Partners with Enpal to Ship with Biofuel

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Forto and Enpal have announced their cooperation to ship Enpal’s selfrouted ocean transport of solar modules and storage systems with biofuel. The first 30 containers have already been booked or delivered. 

Enpal is reducing 100% of its self-routed sea transport emissions   

Biofuel is obtained from used cooking oil, residual materials and industrial waste and produces 84 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than fossil marine fuels. The remaining emissions are saved through so-called “over-allocation”, i.e. more biofuel is used than is needed for transport. This effectively reduces emissions by 100 per cent. According to the principle of mass balance, the biofuel is used where it is available, regardless of the specific cargo of the ship. The correct allocation is verified by independent auditors.

Solar energy becomes even more sustainable

Enpal is aiming to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to further improve the sustainability of solar energy across the entire value chain from production to installation. Sea freight using biofuel makes transport sustainable. Enpal is also working on a comprehensive carbon footprint analysis to set transparent, measurable and comparable reduction targets and outline its path to net zero.

“Our customers have chosen our products because they care about our planet. Our aim is to minimise emissions during the production, transport and installation of our solar modules. By shipping with biofuel, we can effectively reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of our own sea transport by 100%. Our partnership with Forto supports our vision of a simple, sustainable and cost-efficient transition to renewable energy,” said Henning Rath, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Enpal.

“We are proud to be the logistics partner of one of Germany’s leading greentech companies and to support its impressive growth,” says Michael Wax, CEO of Forto. “By choosing biofuel for its sea transport, Enpal is not only responding to its customers’ demand for sustainable solutions but, true to its pioneering spirit, is also paving the way for many other companies. Our partnership is based on the belief that the future is digital and sustainable, and we look forward to making this vision a reality every day.”

Enpal and Forto have been working together for three years, with Enpal using Forto’s platform to manage its freight from China to Germany by sea and air. Forto organises the transport from the port of loading to the warehouse, including customs and transit clearance, tax processing and onward transport by truck. In 2023, Enpal decided to hand over 100 per cent of its self-managed sea transport to Forto.

Source: Forto