FourKites launches new customer community programs for supply chain professionals


FourKites announced three new programs designed to help companies improve their supply chain performance and accelerate time to value with real-time visibility technology. The community-focused programs, free to all FourKites customers and carriers and will impact tens of thousands of users worldwide, focus on three areas.

Connect & Collaborate programme where customers can ask questions, share best practices and network with other supply chain leaders. Over 100 groups and dedicated discussions focused on various supply chain management topics and vertical industry-specific issues,

Learn & Grow programme includes a new FourKites Academy, which offers training and tools on a variety of topics, from “How to run a Carrier Management Program” to “How to Drive Change within your Organization”, and Tip of the Week posts in Community forums to help users maximize the value of particular features in the FourKites platform.

Innovate & Explore programme is a “Show Me How” sessions with live demos and best practices from FourKites product experts and customer super-users, giving them the ability to suggest and vote on new platform features.

These latest enhancements come on the heels of the company’s recent announcement of its new user interface features, which make FourKites the first solution to deliver end-to-end supply chain visibility — across all modes, appointment scheduling and warehouse yard management — in a single platform. Together, these announcements reinforce FourKites’ commitment to creating the most comprehensive and easy-to-use end-to-end supply chain visibility platform while continuing to drive innovation and engagement alongside its thriving customer base.

FourKites’ Community has grown by nearly 40% in the past year. In addition, 90% of FourKites customers are active contributors to the company’s IdeaExchange, where they can propose new features and product improvements that directly address their most pressing supply chain issues. To date, the program has generated nearly 200 platform capabilities, including newer breakthroughs such as configurable ETAs and proactive detention alerts, which help customers manage detention fees in a more proactive, cost-efficient manner.

“Our innovation programs empower our users to take full advantage of FourKites’ powerful platform across the enterprise,” said FourKites founder and CEO Mathew Elenjickal.

Source: FourKites