FourKites premier carriers achieve nearly 30% shipment volume growth in H1 2023


Real-time supply chain visibility provider FourKites published its global Premier Carrier List (PCL), which recognizes the rapidly growing community of brokers, carriers and 3PLs who are achieving the highest standards of visibility-related operational excellence across all modes of transport.

FourKites data illustrates that shipping customers are awarding a greater share of their business to carriers who prioritize visibility. The high-quality, consistent and accurate shipment data that PCL carriers provide enables streamlined operations, quicker turn times at the docks, reduced inventory levels and optimized labor costs for shippers.

For the first half of 2023, FourKites Premier Carriers defied difficult market conditions — as consumers limited discretionary spending and manufacturing activity remained slow — to achieve an average of 29% growth in shipment volumes compared to the same time period last year. In contrast, non-PCL carriers experienced a reduction in load volumes of 6%, on average, over the same time period.

Emphasizing the strategic value of the PCL to shippers, a transportation planning manager at a multinational dairy manufacturer stated, “FourKites’ Premier Carrier List is hugely valuable to us. At a basic level, it enables us to see which carriers are tracking loads consistently. But more importantly, it helps us select carriers who are investing in supply chain visibility to better serve their clients. We now use the PCL as a major part of our vetting process when considering new partner carriers.”

In addition to shipment volume growth, PCL carriers consistently demonstrate exceptional delivery performance, with nearly 70% of shipments delivered on time or ahead of schedule, compared with non-premier carriers who experience late or very late deliveries on 46% of shipments, and deliver early on only 34% of shipments.

“Faced with a competitive spot market, excess transportation supply, and depressed demand, differentiation for carriers became more important than ever over the last year,” said Brad Klaus, Group Vice President at FourKites. “Our most recent data clearly demonstrates that Premier Carriers who prioritize visibility are not only resilient, they are defying market trends with impressive growth rates. We’re happy to see our Premier

Carriers, and their shipping customers, enjoying the demonstrable benefits of real-time transportation visibility.”

Source: FourKites