GEFCO develops new track and trace solution for motorcycles cradles

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GEFCO has entered a partnership with Actility and Wakeo to provide a tailor-made track and trace solution for motorcycle cradles.

Once motorcycles leave the factory, they are stored and transported to dealers’ facilities on cradles. A shortage of cradles can generate additional costs and production management problems. Cradles are not easy to track and are sometimes lost or stolen, which reduces manufacturers’ fleets and leads to delivery delays. 

Smart trackers have been provided by Actility and are installed on the cradles to provide positioning with an accuracy of up to three meters and a battery lifetime of more than seven years. Tracker data is then collected by Actility via the LoRaWAN networks and analysed on the Wakeo platform. This platform updates the motorcycles’ estimated arrival time at the dealer’s facility in real time.

The platform also allows the user to locate the cradles, showing when they have been delayed. Thanks to this system, motorcycle manufacturers can make sure the initial transport plan is being followed, while being informed of possible delivery delays and the cradles’ return.

“GEFCO customers will benefit from real-time, predictive, cost-effective, energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for managing logistics resources and complex supply chains,” commented Emmanuel Cheremetinski, Executive Vice-President Inland at GEFCO.

Source: GEFCO