Girteka Group starts cooperation with Fleethand

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Girteka Group started working with its new telematics provider, Fleethand. This cooperation will empower Girteka’s ongoing digital transformation and will amplify its efforts in developing enhanced working conditions for its drivers.

The telematics systems are integrated within every Girteka truck, providing relevant information and encompassing an array of features, options, and opportunities for drivers to seamlessly communicate, tackle routine tasks or collect valuable insights. Telematics systems collect data from more than 270 integration points across truck and trailer manufacturers’ systems. Hence, flexibility plays a crucial role in the effective utilization of this innovative solution.

By using telematics data, transport managers and drivers can work more efficiently and provide better services to customers. Customers can track the position of their cargo and managers can investigate the performance of the truck and trailer and react to a given situation or contact the driver.  Drivers also benefit from the flexibility of the telematics solution, particularly when making payments for road tolls, looking for directions and routes or by obtaining necessary documents and information.

“Replacing telematics is one of the steps on the road to digitalization. We expect Fleethand to be a reliable partner that can adapt to change and innovate quickly. We want the new telematics solution to be convenient for our drivers, with all the functionalities we have developed so far, and, be able to navigate drivers along our AI-generated routes,” says Mindaugas Paulauskas, CEO of Girteka Transport, part of Girteka Group.

Telematics also helps track ECO parameters enabling eco-driving, which allows to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, the system monitors driving parameters that influence the safety of the driver, the cargo and other road traffic participants. Drivers can observe how they drive, track the impact on the environment and react accordingly, which in terms of the transition to decarbonization of transport services is becoming increasingly valuable.

Properly managed telematics data allows also to streamline operational efficiency, enabling seamless creation of automated reports and further integration with other processes within the company. In alignment with Girteka Group’s steady progression towards digitalization of its operations, the further development of innovative digital tools, particularly, enabling drivers to harness the AI Operator (AI-generated route), is crucial.

The three-year partnership between Girteka Group and Fleethand will necessitate changing all telematics hardware in the upcoming 12 months. The tablets used by Girteka’s employees will have to be replaced. This is important as, while ensuring the highest quality of services, the key factor is to eliminate the risk of data loss or additional maintenance costs when transitioning to a new system or software provider.

Source: Girteka Group