Girteka marked another milestone in CO2 emissions reduction

Girteka Group announced that it has passed another significant milestone in the reduction of its companies’ carbon footprint. The Group has recently received its latest official CO2 emissions savings certificates indicating increased savings in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2022 by use of intermodal rail transport compared to the previous year. It is another encouraging development in our journey towards a more sustainable transport industry and sets an example for other logistics companies to follow suit and implement more sustainable solutions in their businesses.

Even during a challenging and uncertain period of time this past year, the company managed to achieve better results and save even more CO2 emissions than the year before by using the services of its partners Lorry-Rail and VIIA Rail Motorways, CargoBeamer, and Helrom on six active railway lines in Western and Central Europe. All in all, by using intermodal rail transport, Girteka Group saved a total of 16,772,549 kg CO2 emissions in 2022, which is 16 % more compared to 2021. The majority of these emissions savings were achieved by Girteka Europe West. The emissions savings are calculated by each individual operator according to their own established and accredited methodologies.

“We, as a company, take great responsibility in reducing our carbon footprint. Our intermodal services are one of the steps we take to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. As we strive to move towards greener transportation and a more sustainable growth, our CO2 emission savings in 2022 is another commendable achievement. We are aware that we are raising the bar for the whole transportation industry and we are not planning to stop.” says Mindaugas Pasilauskas, CEO of Girteka Europe West.

The Group knows that intermodal transportation is the gateway to climate-neutral logistics. Transporting cargo by way of intermodal rail systems with electric propulsion allows the lane to save as much as 90% of CO2 emissions compared to road transportation. In 2022, the Group saw an increase by 8% in shipments by intermodal rail transport compared to the previous year. Our goal is to carry 20% of our long-distance transport by intermodal by 2025.

Source: Girteka Logistics