GLS announces new partnership in Mexico

Royal Mail has announced that its subsidiary, GLS, has agreed to acquire Canadian logistics company Rosenau Transport.

The GLS Group has expanded its network in the Americas announcing a new partnership with Estafeta. From June 2019, Estafeta will deliver GLS consignments in Mexico and also feed parcels for Europe and North America into the GLS network.

Estafeta is the second-largest logistics courier and parcel service provider in Mexico and covers the fifth-largest country in the Americas with an extensive network and over 6,500 employees. The company’s infrastructure includes three hubs and 57 depots. Six airplanes and 3,600 vehicles are deployed for transportation and delivery.

GLS customers in Europe and North America will benefit from the connection to the network in Mexico, that complements the existing operation in the US and Canada.

Source: GLS