GLS opens new €15m depot in Mannheim

GLS new Mannheim depot

GLS has opened a new €15m depot in Mannheim, Germany. The site has a 10,000 sq m modern package sorting facility. It has 30 loading and 15 unloading gates and a yard area of around 30,000 sq m. This enables GLS to handle up to 80,000 parcels daily, which is twice the processing capacity of the previous facility. GLS stated that its customers will benefit from reliable delivery times and consistently high quality.

Starting operations on 4 November, the site will be operating as a regional transhipment point for GLS depots in Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, as well as parts of Hesse, Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg. Instead of using the central transhipment centre in Neuenstein, packages from these depots will now be shipped or transhipped at the Mannheim facility. This is expected to reduce mileage and emissions.In addition, e-vehicles will be used for delivery from the Mannheim depot with four fast charging stations initially available at the depot. This is part of GLS ThinkGreen Initiative which includes ecological measures for depot renewals and rebuilds, constant optimization of mileage and capacity utilization as well as sustainable city logistics solutions. 

Source: GLS