GXO deploys the BD Rowa Vmax technology solution


GXO announced that it is deploying the BD RowaTM Vmax technology solution in partnership with manufacturer BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), providing value-added services, including a fully automated reverse logistics system, for a major telecommunications provider.

By leveraging the high-density storage and retrieval power of BD RowaTM Vmax robots, GXO will be able to deliver high-capacity performance once the full suite of 39 BD RowaTM Vmax robots has been installed. Processing includes the storage and retrieval of mobile phones after they are returned, scanning and tracking them by electronic serial numbers as they move throughout the warehouse.

GXO has been providing reverse logistics services for leading global telecommunications providers for almost two decades. In reverse logistics, serialized tracking of high-value products throughout the reverse supply chain maximizes their resale value by getting them back out to consumers quickly.

“Our partnership with GXO will bring efficiencies to mobile phone returns — a high-volume process that requires automated sorting solutions, which BD Rowa pioneered in the pharmacy/healthcare setting more than 20 years ago,” said Antonios Vonofakos, VP & Managing Director at BD Rowa. “The storage and retrieval power of our Vmax dispensing robot is critical to the success of this warehouse installation.”

Source: GXO