H.Essers enters into joint venture with UZ Leuven to hold a stake in Hospital Logistics

H.Essers and the Belgian academic hospital, UZ Leuven, have entered into a joint venture wherein the two companies will hold a stake in Hospital Logistics. H.Essers has an equity interest of 51% and UZ Leuven has 49%. In addition, H.Essers will incorporate its existing healthcare activities into the new entity.

Hospital Logistics, headquartered in Aarschot, Belgium, has one site in the country, as well as four distribution centres in the Netherlands. The company has a reputation as a logistics partner for hospitals, residential care homes and nursing homes. Hospital Logistics has a turnover of €129m and about 220 employees. The company currently has a total warehouse capacity of 28,000 sq m, including 2,400 sq m of cleanrooms and GMP space in the Dutch branches, as well as a fleet of 26 vehicles, and 4,200 specific trolleys.

H.Essers has experience within the healthcare sector. In addition to a number of hospital clients and customers from the medical sector (such as Red Cross Flanders), H.Essers has been investing for years in innovative care concepts such as ‘the unidose solution’ with its partner Ethilog.

In addition, H.Essers operates as a strategic partner in numerous healthcare projects such as MHuDA (Sustainable Use of Medical Resources), Careville Limburg (promoting home care) and the HIPS-project on the optimization of patients, material, and information flows in hospitals.

With its stake in Hospital Logistics, H.Essers wants to expand its strategic ‘Healthcare’ segment and further position itself as a specialist in healthcare logistics.

Source: H.Essers