Hellmann and Symbic develop “Logistics Lights”

In cooperation with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, the start-up Symbic, has developed “Logistic Lights”, an alternative to the pick-by-light technology previously used by the company. Instead of providing each shelf compartment with pick-by-light technology, “Logistic Lights” means only one single mobile spot is installed for picking which can record any number of storage locations.

By scanning the article with the MDE or finger scanner, the spot knows which of the carton locations to illuminate, so that order pickers can see at a glance where to sort the item. In addition, the system can be recalibrated within minutes making it highly flexible.

Symbic, the Osnabrueck-based start-up, has developed “Logistic Lights” especially for use in contract logistics. As part of a pilot project, the test phase at Hellmann began during the Christmas period. In the pilot phase, Hellmann already recorded an average time saving of around five seconds per pick using “Logistic Lights”.

“The system is simple, but effective. In addition, the results speak for themselves: The equally flexible and intuitive application increases our employee efficiency and satisfaction. “Logistic Lights” are a great alternative to classic “pick-by-light” and “put-to-light” systems,” explained, Robert Bommers, Chief Operating Officer, Contract Logistics at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

Source: Hellmann