Holland implements new mobile logistics technology

Holland, a next-day delivery company, has rolled out the Honeywell Pickup and Delivery Solution. The Android-based logistics software, running on Honeywell’s Dolphin CT50 mobile computer, allows drivers to navigate through their workday, communicate with dispatch and update shipment status in real time. Drivers can also scan labels and take pictures of shipments when necessary.

“This investment in the new Honeywell technology has allowed us to proactively address hurdles facing the industry,” said Holland President Scott Ware. “Customers will benefit from heightened shipment visibility and driver communication. Best-in-class efficiency based on real-time data will support the old-fashioned quality and hard work customers already expect from Holland drivers.”

“By integrating the new Honeywell Pickup and Delivery Solution, Holland gains better operational intelligence providing a more satisfying and consistent experience to their customers,” said John Waldron, President and CEO, Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions. “With this software guiding drivers through each step of the pickup and delivery process, we can help Holland reduce the time needed to onboard new drivers while speeding communication of the time-sensitive shipment information needed for next-day delivery operations.”

“The Honeywell solution is a giant leap forward that puts the latest and greatest technology in the hands of our drivers,” said Holland Director of Process Development Cheryl Saxton. “We are one of the first carriers to implement this technology. We’ve had tremendous positive feedback from our drivers, particularly about the Dolphin CT50’s familiar smartphone-like experience, the simplicity of the workflow-based application, and the overall speed and reliability of the solution. With more than 3,000 Holland employees using or involved with the application daily, this front-line experience is vitally important.”

The Honeywell Pickup and Delivery Solution integrates a mobile application for drivers directly to Holland’s dispatch system using mobile communications software to manage the high volume of communications between drivers and dispatchers. The system gives dispatchers real-time visibility to driver and shipment status while optimising worker productivity by guiding drivers through each step in the pickup and delivery process. The Dolphin CT50 features connectivity enabled by LTE (4G) quad band wireless, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

This technology has been rolled out to Holland city drivers and a linehaul drivers app will be added within the year.

Source: YRC Worldwide