Hoyer deepens contract with Covestro in Shanghai

Hoyer has announced that since the start of the year it has taken on additional work for Covestro at their site in Shanghai.

In addition to the existing operations in the field of MDI (Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate), which is a chemical used primarily in the production of foams, Hoyer’s Supply Chain Solutions division is now also responsible for logistics for Covestro’s Coatings Adhesives Specialties (CAS) division.

The expanded range of services includes heating up ISO containers before they are unloaded, unloading raw materials and empty drums, loading palletized finished goods, loading ISO containers with finished products, filling intermediate bulk containers and various types of drums, storing and preparing raw materials for the laboratory and production as well as the handling of waste for collection.

“Due to our experience with Covestro and the handling of many different products, we were able to start up the service quickly and reliably”, said Michelle Ding, Project Manager SCS Asia/Pacific at HOYER. “The existing MDI logistics division is our advantage and makes it possible for us to also react to short-term peaks in the filling of finished goods and to deploy appropriately trained personnel in both areas.”

Hoyer Supply Chain Solutions has been working for Covestro in Shanghai since June 2016.

Its service portfolio in China includes on-site logistics, filling and mixing, terminal operations, dry bulk logistics and project development.

Source: Hoyer