Hub Group launches end-to-end visibility

Hub Group

Hub Group has announced the launch of which it claims are end-to-end visibility tools. In order to offer the capability, Hub Group will leverage its GPS-equipped container fleet, railroad data and a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Machine learning allows Hub Group to analyse the transit of freight, considering more than 10m data points to provide continuous, real-time arrival updates.

“As the supply chain grows increasingly complex, our customers need accuracy and visibility at every step,” said David Yeager, CEO, Hub Group.

The Hub Group’s data capture and use of IoT technology allows for a more in-depth look at dynamic ETAs and estimated time to ground (ETG) through the lens of historical and real-time data. Inputs are continually updated based on transit events, truck speed, traffic and weather conditions, as well as other variables. This real-time information is delivered in the manner that works best for the customer, whether via API, EDI or Hub Group’s customer platform, Hub Connect.

Source: Hub Group