Imperial to manage sequencing centre for Audi

Imperial Logistics International will manage the sequencing centre for Audi in building T at its Logistics and Goods Transport Center in Ingolstadt, Germany, from the end of August 2017 onwards.

The order placed by Audi covers incoming goods, warehousing and replenishing supplies in the sequencing zones, feeding supplies to the assembly lines with just-in-sequence trolleys from the goods transport centre as well as handling empties.

Building T is the 16th at the Logistics and Goods Transport Center in Ingolstadt. It was put into service more than three years ago, measuring 210m by 270m and has total space measuring 74,000 sq m on two floors. Imperial will manage about 40,000 sq m of this figure. The daily work will involve about 165,000 picks and using 3,700 just-in-sequence trolleys. Imperial will take over 650 employees from the previous service company as part of the transfer of operations. 

The two companies have already been working together for some time in the Hungarian market. Imperial manages the internal factory logistics at the Audi production site in Györ in Hungary and administers Audi’s replenishing warehouse there. 

Source: Imperial Logistics