Jan Arnet appointed new CEO of the Bertschi Group

The company founded by Hans Bertschi in 1956 has announced a change of management. Hans-Jörg Bertschi, majority shareholder, Chairman of the Board and current CEO, will be handing over the operational management of the Bertschi Group to Jan Arnet as of 1 August 2018. After 30 years in the company, 24 of which as Chairman and CEO, Bertschi has decided to broaden the management base and turn his attention to new market activities and major projects for the Group in his capacity as future Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Jan Arnet joined Bertschi as Assistant to the Group Management in 2003. In 2004 he became CFO and one year later CEO of the newly acquired subsidiary Nordic Bulkers in Gothenburg, Sweden. From 2009 onwards he was responsible for the Group’s market entry in the Middle East. Arnet was appointed CFO of Bertschi in 2011. Since 2013 he is heading the Group’s largest Business Unit, Liquids Logistics Europe.

Bertschi commented: “My decision to withdraw from the operational management of the company is the result of careful consideration within the Board of Directors and the family. We firmly believe that this is the right step at the right time for the company, its customers and its staff.”

Digitalisation and expanding markets are major challenges for the chemical logistics industry. “A broader management team will help Bertschi stay ahead in this fast-changing environment. As Executive Chairman of the Board, I will continue to work on a full-time basis and focus on the Group’s strategy and innovation projects on Group level,” added Bertschi.

For the company, this is also an important step to secure a long-term succession, based on continuity. “We want the Bertschi Group to remain a family business. Alongside the second generation of the family, represented by my sister Brigitta Berner-Bertschi and myself, already three members of the third generation are currently working in first management positions within the company. Our third generation can see itself taking over the company management at a later point in time,” said Bertschi.

Santiago Gonzalez will lead the Business Unit Liquid Logistics Europe as of 1 August 2018. Santiago Gonzalez is currently head of the Bertschi subsidiaries in Spain and Portugal. Gonzalez has been with Bertschi for the last eight years and has over 15 years’ experience in European liquid chemical logistics.

The management change is taking place in a period of growth for the Bertschi Group. The Group has expanded steadily over the last decades, growing in its core area of logistics for the chemical industry. In 2012 the company launched a globalisation strategy, based on a strong market position in Europe. As a result, more than one third of group sales is now taking place outside Europe.

Source: Bertschi Group