KBA approves Street Scooter for large series production

DHL delivery

The Kraftfahrtbundesamt (KBA – German motor transport authority) has granted DHL subsidiary, Street Scooter, EC type approval for large series production of its basic WORK electric delivery van. This follows after its WORK XL model was approved for large series production in October. The vehicles are being manufactured by Ford at its factory in Cologne.

The company’s production capacity is up to 20,000 electric vans per year after Street Scooter opened a second manufacturing facility in Düren at the end of May 2018. The granted approval will enable the subsidiary to meet growing domestic and international demand.

The EC type approval certifies compliance with strict production standards including in serial production involving many thousands of vehicles. The approval applies to other EU countries, Switzerland and Norway and simplifies registration of its vehicles in non-EU states as well.

With vehicles already out on the streets in various EU states, DHL uses Street Scooters for deliveries in Austria and the Netherlands. UK milk supplier Milk & More purchased 200 Street Scooters back in May. 

“Approval for large series production means that when filling fleet orders, large numbers of vehicles can be put on the road without problems, including abroad,” enthuses Achim Kampker, CEO of Street Scooter GmbH. “Given our growing production quantities, this is a truly vital step.”

Source: DHL