Kerry Logistics Announces Cost-Effective Freight Solutions

Kerry Logistics

Kerry Logistics Network Limited spotlights its innovative freight solutions connecting Asia and Europe as alternative services for customers to reduce lead times and costs, significantly enhancing the efficiency of global trade.

KLN’s sea-air and road-air freight services across Eurasia have recently garnered increased interest, demonstrating the company’s agility in meeting evolving customer needs and market demands.

Vic Cheung, Group Managing Director of Kerry Logistics Network, said, “In these challenging times for sea shipments between Asia and Europe, it is rewarding to offer our clients alternative and efficient solutions. Our sea-air and road-air services showcase our comprehensive Eurasian land freight capabilities and global connectivity. As a reliable logistics partner, we are committed to timely deliveries and cost efficiency.”

The sea-air freight solution transports shipments from Chinese seaports to European airports within 16-21 days. This service is approximately 40% cheaper than conventional air freight and up to 40% faster than sea freight. Cargoes are transported by sea freight to Dubai followed by air transport to Europe, with operations centred at the Kerry Logistics Jebel Ali bonded facility in Dubai, ensuring maximum security and reliability.

KLN’s road-air, all-road, and road-rail services span from China through Central Asia to Europe, capitalising on its strong Eurasian land freight network and its regional hubs along the Silk Road trade corridor. Road-air shipments are completed in 15-20 days, all-road in 20-25 days, and road-rail within 25-30 days, which is significantly faster than current sea freight times for similar routes.

In addition to speed and cost-effectiveness, these solutions provide total visibility and CO2 emissions reporting, catering to shipments from various Asian origins to multiple European destinations. With these innovative solutions, KLN continues to redefine logistics efficiency, ensuring that businesses thrive in the fast-paced global marketplace.

Source: Kerry Logistics