Kerry Logistics expands cold chain business in China

Kerry Logistics

Kerry Logistics has expanded its food-related cold chain capability in Mainland China through the establishment of Kerry Cold Chain Solution Ltd.

Kerry Cold Chain is a joint venture company formed with Shanghai Zhizhen Logistics Co Ltd. in which Kerry Logistics holds the majority interest. It provides integrated cold chain logistics solutions from upstream to downstream. Using self-owned cold chain facilities and partnering with local expertise, Kerry Cold Chain will handle a wide range of food products, from raw ingredients to dairy product additives.

Kerry Cold Chain currently operates more than 93,000 sq m of ambient and cold chain facilities in China, including a temperature-controlled facility of over 4,600 sq m in Shanghai featuring automated storage and retrieval systems.

Founded in 2008, Zhizhen Logistics serves the logistics needs of both domestic and international customers from locations across China including Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. It commands a 90% market share for imported food essences in the Shanghai region.

Edwardo Erni, China and North Asia Managing Director of Kerry Logistics, said, “Intending to fill a gap in the market, we welcome the collaboration with Zhizhen Logistics, which marks an important strategic step for Kerry Logistics to extend its footprint in the domestic cold chain logistics market, enhancing our service offerings and competitiveness.”

Source: Kerry Logistics