Kuehne + Nagel establishes global supply chain quality control solution for JD.com

Kuenhe + Nagel

Kuehne + Nagel has partnered with JD.com to design a supply chain solution including quality control checks at points of origin. The technology-driven solution provides JD.com stock keeping unit (SKU) visibility over their inbound supply chain before products are imported to China. The solution has been implemented within twelve months in an origin warehouse in Japan.

Previously, goods were shipped directly from the brand manufacturers and inspected at destination warehouses in mainland China, but often products arrive damaged, expired or in incorrect quantities. To address these challenges, Kuehne + Nagel collaborated with JD.com to design a ‘Transfer Centre’ approach – a global supply chain solution which incorporates quality control checks at the consolidation warehouse at origin, prior to shipment to China.

The Transfer Centre covers various activities, including cargo inspection, inventory count and pallet packaging check, all supported by information systems integrated with JD.com’s warehouse management system. SKU level capture of inventory at origin gives JD.com greater end-to-end control over supply chain inventory. The Transfer Centre at origin setup also allowed JD.com to maintain closer relationships with brands, benefiting JD.com’s consumers with improved product availability and guaranteed quality.
Han Liu, General Manager of International Supply Chain, JD Logistics said: “We are pleased with the new Transfer Centre Kuehne + Nagel has designed for JD.com and the successful implementation of the project in Japan. We are confident that the improved supply chain will provide our brand partners with an even more reliable e-commerce channel to market while further assuring that our users always receive goods of the highest quality when shopping on JD.com”.
Wong Siew Loong, President North Asia Pacific, Kuehne + Nagel said: “Kuehne + Nagel partnered with JD.com to set up a solution improving the integrity of their end-to-end supply chain. Within a challenging environment we were able to develop a blueprint for JD.com’s Transfer Centre approach and implement this project in Japan. This collaboration is in line with Kuehne + Nagel’s focus on supporting the supply chain needs of China’s e-commerce leaders. We look forward to working on the establishment of other Transfer Centres across the globe in the near future”.
Source: Kuehne + Nagel