Kuehne + Nagel invests in sustainable transport solutions

Kuenhe + Nagel

Kuehne + Nagel and IVECO signed a contract for the purchase of 14 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) trucks for the Netherlands. 

The purchasing decision was driven by Kuehne + Nagel’s commitment to offering environmentally sound, sustainable and innovative supply chain solutions.

The Stralis NP LNG trucks acquired by Kuehne + Nagel are part of IVECO’s latest generation of LNG trucks. The trucks have 400-horsepower natural gas engines, which use sustainable LNG fuel. With this fuel, the CO2 emissions are 15% lower than those of a truck with a diesel engine. Using this fuel, nitrogen-oxide emissions are reduced by 70%, while particulate emissions are 95% lower.

The trucks will be used to deliver transport goods between warehouses in the Netherlands and Germany. The LNG powered vehicles are equipped with double LNG tanks, giving them a range of 1,500 km. This enables the company to use them on longer routes. The vehicles will also have innovative trailers that will be cooled electronically.

Gereon Niemeier, Managing Director of Kuehne + Nagel Netherlands, commented: “We want to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. By making use of innovative technologies and cleaner transport fuels, we can contribute to a joint reduction of CO2 and local emissions in transportation.”

Trucks that drive with LNG engines are 50% more quiet than comparable diesel fuelled trucks, making it easier to deliver goods during night times and in urban locations.

Source: Kuehne + Nagel